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Adam Brian Winchester


Brian Winchester

Published October 17th 2010
ISBN : 9780982666593
240 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ADAM .He was named after the moist red earth from which he was formed. His muscular body was just past the threshold of full manhood. By current earthly standards he would have looked to be in his late teens. His emotions were rich and untainted. His intellect was agile, sharp, and endowed with a deep understanding of the world he had just entered the kind of understanding that today would take a lifetime to develop. What he couldn t learn by logical analysis he quickly grasped through a keen intuition that was emotional and spiritual at the same time. Adam would need all these capabilities to fulfill the charge God had given him to cultivate the rich land of Eden in which he had been placed, and to protect and guard it. But guard it from what? Adam was about to find out. Everything about life as he knew it hung in the balance of how well he carried out that charge. If he did well, he would protect not only his own life, but preserve the soul of every man and woman to follow. If he failed, the consequences would be beyond even his ability to understand.The war in Heaven was over- but the battle for Earth was about to begin.