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George Preddy, Top Mustang Ace Joe Noah

George Preddy, Top Mustang Ace

Joe Noah

ISBN : 9780966904215
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 About the Book 

George Preddy was one of our greatest aces during World War II. He was a first rate pilot and a first rate warrior. George Preddy, Top Mustang Ace is an excellent book about Preddys life and his experiences during World War II. Preddy was shot down by friendly fire flying over the lines one day or he may have ended up the highest scoring American ace of all time (Richard Bong has that title). Soon, no one will remember men like Preddy- I doubt if there are more than a handful of kids today who would know who he was.Joe Noah, the author, details Preddys life story, his service during wWII and the circumstances surrounding his death. The great thing about this book is that it seems to be constantly updated with new information even to this day. A couple of things I did not know about Preddy before reading this book is that Preddy was engaged to a girl he met in Australia when he was stationed there and that Preddys brother Richard also died in combat flying a Mustang.If you are interested in American heroes or just like a good book this is a first-rate read.